Monday, October 12, 2009

Romex Electrical Wire Pricing

Take advantage of our great Romex pricing right now! Copper has been going up and we have already placed a big stocking order with South Wire. We have old copper pricing and want to sell everything quickly.

Romex wire, along with most other copper wire, goes up and down every day based on the commodity pricing. Sometimes we buy the wire and put it in stock and have to sell it at a loss in order to move it at all. Other wise other distributors will get all of the orders we should be getting.

Romex 6/3 and UFB 6/3 are the biggest movers in that category for Wesbell. We sell anywhere from 15 feet to 10,000 feet at a time to customers. Of course the price will be much higher for the 15 feet but we still offer very competitive pricing even for those quantities.

All of electrical wire is having price increases right now. That means your pricing will only be good for the rest of that day you call. For large quantity we direct ship everything to you from the manufacturer so that you can take advantage of the free shipping policy. You will also receive the wire much quicker. South Wire stocks millions of feet of electrical wire and THHN because there is so much turnover.

We also sell the bare copper ground wire which is nearly impossible to price because there isn't any insulation at all. It's pure copper and the margins are low so it has to be priced every day.

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