Friday, October 9, 2009

Copper Pricing Is Going Up Again!

Copper is going up again! Be careful when buying any type of wire and cable right now because the pricing will have to change every day. Copper was at about 2.65/lb 2 weeks ago and now it's at about 2.90/lb right now. Every cent matter when dealing with pounds and pounds of copper in each type of wire we sell.

Bigger power cable are the biggest affected by copper because they have 4 and 5 conductor cables that are filled with copper. The pricing literally changes everyday. Electrical wire and welding cable are tough because they just have the copper and a small amount of insulation to protect against moisture and other outdoor issues.

When you call to ask for pricing from a distributor like Wesbell Electronics you should ask for the copper base. That way when you get the pricing you know where copper was when they quoted it. So if you look at copper later and it went down then you can call back to get a new price and know it will be lower. You also want to protect yourself by making sure you know if your price should go up or down.

You can also ask your sales person how much copper is in the cable itself so you know the maximum adjust that can happen to you each time it's quoted. I have to do these calculations everyday for my customers because sometimes it's thousands of feet of Romex wire which is affected by thousands of dollars each time. It could be $1,000 cheaper if they happen to call the day before or the day after. The problem is knowing when it will go up and when it will go down just like the stock market.

We can bend on pricing a bit when the item is in stock like a welding cable or electrical wire. We stock thousands of feet of that because the turnover is so high so we can help out on pricing sometimes.

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