Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How To Buy Electrical Wire The Cheapest Way

Copper pricing is very difficult to keep up with so we have ways of avoiding it with our customers. It's hard to get a price on wire and hold it for a week because the pricing might go up or down quite a bit by then.

We give our customers options for the wire and cable that they purchase in bulk. If you need 5000 feet of a welding cable in 30 days then you may not know what to do. The standard offer is a bulk buy right away that will be price in effect at time of shipment or wait and price out the cable again in 30 days. We also offer our customers a chance to place the order now and we'll bring it into stock and hold it at that price.

Let's assume the 5000 feet of flexible welding cable needs to be broken down to 1000 feet per month over the next 5 months. We will give you a set price that cannot go up or down at all with copper pricing. That way you can give your customer a fixed price over the next 5 months no matter what happens to copper.

Electrical wire and Romex are effected just as much by copper and we'll offer the same scenario for any type of electrical wire or cable that we sell. It's called a blanket order and it creates easier on time shipping because everything is in stock and scheduled to ship on a certain date.

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